“God bless Africa, Guard her people, Guide her leaders, And give her peace.”
Trevor Huddleston
Africa represents the greatest opportunity for human betterment on earth.  It is true that Africa has suffered from exploitation by other countries in the past.  However, Africa will be able to meet the challenges of the future because a new kind of leader is emerging – the servant leader.  African servant leaders are value-centered, strategically driven and performance oriented. The Holy Spirit has been preparing people in many countries in Africa to meet the future challenges which are coming.  The Holy Spirit is empowering servant leaders in Africa to lead organizations and institutions not for personal gain or power, but for the sake of others and for the betterment of all of mankind to the glory of God.

Independent countries in Africa, which is the second most populous continent on Earth with 1.033 billion people.


of people (and nearly half of all children) will be african, by the end of this century.


of Africans are 19 years old or younger, and they represent the future of Africa.

The Field Is Ripe For The Harvest

Most people do not realize how large of a continent Africa really is.  Africa is larger in area than all of the United States, China, India, Europe and Japan combined.  There are 54 independent countries in Africa which is the second most populous continent on earth with 1.033 billion people.  By the end of this century, 40% of all humans (and nearly half of all children) will be African.  The total African population will be 4.2 billion people by the end of this century.  Africa’s population is the youngest among all continents; 50% of Africans are 19 years old or younger.  Children are certainly the future throughout the world.  By 2050, 37% of all the world’s children will be living in Africa

Africa is facing many challenges, including needed healthcare, more transportation, available water, expanded agricultural and industrial output, improved economic development, efficient natural resource development and expanded economic opportunity.  However, the greatest challenge Africa faces is leadership development.  Africa needs more servant leaders.  Servant leadership is not new to African culture.  The African concept of Ubuntu is closely related to the philosophy and practices of servant leadership.   Christianity has been sweeping the African continent for many years.

For example, Reverend Reinhard Bonnke’s Gospel Crusades have resulted in almost 74 million decisions by persons to follow Jesus Christ.  Reinhard Bonnke’s gospel crusades have primarily been held in Africa for over 25 years.

The opportunity to reach Africans for Christ has never been greater.  However, the stakes are high.   God has given mankind an opportunity through his son, Jesus Christ, to know Him and to be empowered His Holy Spirit to help their fellow man in life’s journey.  This is particularly true in Africa. Africa needs leaders who are visionaries and who can transform African organizations and institutions into high performing ones.

God has blessed Africa with abundant natural resources which need to be responsibly developed by Africans to provide Africans with a sustainable future.   Jesus Christ modeled servant leadership.  By training more servant leaders in Africa, Africa will be able to meet the challenges Africans face with the help of value-centered, strategically driven and performance oriented African servant leaders.  Voice of the Servant’s role is to help provide that servant leadership training.