Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

1 Chronicles 16:24

At Voice of the Servant our main goal is to make God known to every man, woman and child. Teaching God’s word and telling people of the love of Christ throughout the world is the number one priority. We accomplish this mission by striving every day personally to share God’s love and his instructions on how to live a life modeled after His Son Jesus Christ.

However, we are only a few people in this great big world and sadly cannot reach everyone we would like to. That is where our support of Evangelists and Missionaries comes in. These men and women are some the most important people in the process of spreading God’s message.

You may be thinking what is the difference between Evangelism and Missions. Well, by today’s standards very little. Years ago though they were separated into these two categories due to location. Typically speaking evangelism referred to local ministries within the United States or North America. Where as, missions was reserved for the international ministries, countries and nations far from home. Today the two terms really don’t have a lot of separation as they did. Both evangelism and missions seek the same outcome, bringing the good news to people no matter where they are on Earth.

At Voice of the Servant we support several evangelist and numerous missionaries whose work in kingdom building would not be possible without the support from us and many others.