Who We Are


Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it

1 Corinthians 12:27


The founder of Voice of the Servant (formerly known as Voice of the Layman) was J. O. “Jake” Townley, whose motto in life was “To serve God … Is to serve man.”  Voice of the Layman was created in 1983 as an interdenominational Christian ministerial church organization to serve God by serving mankind.  Jake Townley’s service to mankind ended in 1997 with his death, but Jake’s legacy lives on through Voice of the Servant and through the business he and his wife, Helen, started in 1963, known as Townley Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Inc. The Townley Company is well-known as for its continued, faithful adherence to its Biblical-based founding principles under the leadership of Jake Townley’s son, J. O. “Toro” Townley, Jr., including its unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through the support of missionaries and evangelists throughout the world. Voice of the Servant was also founded upon the same Biblical principles, including the principles of Gospel evangelism and leading people by serving them. Through the years Voice of the Servant has continued to either conduct, sponsor or financially support Christian radio programs, Christian schools, church services, missionaries and evangelists. In 2013, Ed Dean was elected Trustee and President of Voice of the Servant. In 2015, Voice of the Servant expanded its ministry to include a new leadership training initiative in Africa based upon the principles modeled by Jesus Christ – Servant Leadership.


Voice of the Servant’s mission is “Serving God through Service to Mankind through the preaching of the Gospel and by the teaching of Servant Leadership.”


The vision of Voice of the Servant is “A world where the Voice of the Servant’s message of the Gospel is heard and Servant Leadership is practiced with excellence.”
Voice of the Servant will endeavor to accomplish its Mission and Vision through its support of evangelists who preach the Gospel message to “the uttermost parts of the earth” and through its provision of training materials designed to teach people to be servant leaders of organizations and institutions which are committed to serving others with performance excellence for the betterment of mankind.
The core values of Voice of the Servant have not changed during its 30 years of existence.
Inspiration comes from God and is given to the people He calls to service through ideas, innovation, encouragement, and empowerment.  We are inspired by God to serve others.
Faith comes through hearing the Word of God and is a gift of the Holy Spirit to trust and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.  Faith gives purpose to service.
Service to God means service to all of mankind for God’s glory.  Jesus Christ modeled servant leadership as an example of how we should serve others.